Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another Today

I had an amusing dance this morning as I contemplated my options for breakfast. I ended up making a macaroni and cheese, baked beans and tuna combo. For lunch a diet coke and pastry, for dinner a beef Mexican tortilla with cafe-con-leche. Now I down waters as I fight not to go to bed too soon, tired from my second day back at work.

Holiday Over Adjustments

How the bed rocks in nightmarish twists and turns as the mind set adjusts to returning to work. But how small still my vocabulary of fast foods for the pace of employment. Yesterday had me in the morning for sweet pastry plus Starbuck-style beverage at the local convenience store.

OK, so I am side stepping my responsibility by blaming being busy... I am not so busy that I can't make a boxed lunch, a healthy breakfast alternative, or find a better alternative at the convenience store. Get real, dear self, think nutritious alternatives, eat well at home, while exploring alternatives while at work.

Bad health is hardly a choice, yet the one I am taking when I slip to default.