Sunday, April 15, 2007


I made mushrooms sliced thin and sautéed in olive oil and soy sauce placed over fresh salad greens, with small seasoned cheese samplings for the kids and I for breakfast. Lunch was two hamburgers with bacon for Zen and I, and one for Kai. Salad greens, seasoned with mayo, catsup, and a salt/pepper mix inside the burger buns. There was a late afternoon snack, chocolate almond candy for the kids, for me two chocolate eclair and Starbucks style coffee. Dinner I made a white source stew with broccoli, carrots, and bacon over white rice and a Coco soy milk.

There was no exercise, just a hang over from Karaoke singing and drinking chuhai on Saturday night. Learning my daughter had such a beautiful voice was well worth the following day's symptoms. We live well, just do not get the job of losing weight done, in such a luscious life style.

Darkness of Early Morning Home

Symptoms chase me, throat glands, sore throat, tense painful jaw... and so when I wake without pain I feel festive. I had a night where waking up had not spoiled the rhythm. Of course it is 5 am now, perhaps too early for the pattern of my immediate universe, but soon I will need to wake the kids for school. Time for me now to collect my thoughts, calm away the static anxieties that soak my nights. Time to shower, replenish, check laundry, make breakfast... All the details that make being a single father an art form.