Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Liberation Diet

If you are looking for a grand overview of the low-carbohydrate dieting world, with specifics on the history of conflicting opinions, said in a straight-talk tone, this book may suit you. The Liberation Diet explains in layman terms the historical reasons why high carbohydrate, low-fat thinking has dominated our current dietary culture, while, simultaneously, obesity is epidemic.

 For current devotee of the low-carb life-style, this book will provide you with a way to debate your friends, as well as, providing a slew of pragmatic tips for your Low-Carb/High Fat lifestyle. This is an overall good choice reader if you want a full understanding without getting lost in scientific jargon. I am thankful I have plowed through the other more famous authors on this topic, but for a simple yet thorough understanding, and a practical manual for your own diet, consider this book.