Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Melissa McEwen

"Hi! I originally started eating paleo to heal from chronic health problems and worked! This blog is about the intersection between evolutionary biology and food. But also about practical applications, sustainable agriculture, and general tasty things. These days I'm a co-organizer for NYC's Eating Paleo in NYC Meetup Group." – Melissa McEwen

This site is as handsome as the author, well written, graphically titillating, and chuck-full of right-on info. Follow her step by step for an informative journey through the primal jungle, living Paleo. Brilliant! 

Compare Atkins Diet with Low Fat Diet

In this video documentary from BBC will show you what is Atkins Diet and how it works.

Biography – The Story of Dr. Robert Atkins and His Theory “Atkins diet”This video is a biography of Dr. Robert Atkins and his theory “Atkins diet Revolution” that changed the way people think about food and eating that help people lose their weight.

Steve's Original

      "Steve's Original is, at its core, about journeys. Our story is the result of years of searching for a healthier way to live; and eat. Our Originals are about the journey that we all take to find a better way to live our lives and fuel our bodies."