Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review lesson... Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Worth watching, as a reminder why you should be avoiding sugar (and fructose) in your daily choices.

The Connectivity of Food Research

First I was looking into Low-Carbing, which led me to Paleo and their relationship to meat-eating, which in turn turned me on to Lierre Keith's controversial book The Vegetarian Myth, food, justice, and sustainability... ending me up to my neck in permaculture. What, you ask, is Permaculture? Here is a song that attempts to answer that question.

Scottish Egg Log; a low-carb lunch

In my quest for delicious low-carb meals to take to work, I have just learned of

Scottish Egg Log. The beauty of this snack like food is its portability, and general delectability. 

Scottish Egg Log from the Drunken Gourmet blog

A hard cooked egg peeled, rolled in flour, then covered in pork sausage and deep fried. It's sliced in half and served with a whole grain mustard.
·                    2 pounds plain pork sausage
·                    2 pounds thick cut bacon
·                    4 hard cooked eggs, shells removed
·                    3-4 Tbs whole grain mustard
Sounds like it is worth experimenting with, as pocket food when in a hurry.