Thursday, September 2, 2010

A grueling somethingness

My actions are laughable though prophetic.
These words utterly inadequate.
My process a snail crawl to a promised resolution,
though my ability to keep promises questionable.
A circle dance, theoretical musical chairs...
The theories all having impact like bumper pile-ups on crowded highways.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nothingness vs Somethingness

There comes inspiration and none at all, as all is forgotten. The intake we understand is causation compounding desire and need, all suggesting a hungry ghost's endless appetite. But fat is not a suggestion, it is a diabolical fact, a wasted energy source on an overextended societal debt... a wasted waistline.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Swirling within the Whirlpool

Massive wall of impotence and frustration. Hiding in air-conditioned tombs, watching the world through the window of the internet... Eat through the chain, not likely. Creation is the only way out. Defecate my fears and follow a muse through the skylight to the moon. Be the cow that jumps over. Be the man willing to die, to quiet forces founded on self love. Be, before non-being takes precedence. Before this prophecy of death hits the heart. Too late, always too soon, sing the chorus, preserve the tune, loosen the lyrics... let me be again, as before, an artist, free and naive, self-propelled and self-satisfied.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Buddha's warning of inevitable old age, sickness, and death

I lost three teeth in the last month or so. A problematic back molar eventually worked itself loose. More problematic, one of my two top front teeth hung loose prompting a cosmetic necessity of replacement, ... and while at the dentist I decided to eliminate a space from an earlier fall out. In the process of replacing my old bottom front teeth caps an additional tooth came out. Forgive this graphic explanation (more than you probably care to know).

My point being... the misfortune of aging pounces, and we have only so much we can do to prevent the onslaught. This belligerence of nature is terrifying, and I find myself scrimmaging for philosophical insights to shield from depression. Sure wish I had some god to offer to. Perhaps the inevitable sacrifice is our own human form, as in Christ on his cross. Nobody gets out of here alive, and seldom in good form. The bones in our necklace at death are often our own.