Sunday, April 15, 2007


I made mushrooms sliced thin and sautéed in olive oil and soy sauce placed over fresh salad greens, with small seasoned cheese samplings for the kids and I for breakfast. Lunch was two hamburgers with bacon for Zen and I, and one for Kai. Salad greens, seasoned with mayo, catsup, and a salt/pepper mix inside the burger buns. There was a late afternoon snack, chocolate almond candy for the kids, for me two chocolate eclair and Starbucks style coffee. Dinner I made a white source stew with broccoli, carrots, and bacon over white rice and a Coco soy milk.

There was no exercise, just a hang over from Karaoke singing and drinking chuhai on Saturday night. Learning my daughter had such a beautiful voice was well worth the following day's symptoms. We live well, just do not get the job of losing weight done, in such a luscious life style.

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