Friday, February 25, 2011

Day by Day chatting about the narcissistic tale of dieters

At this time I am meticulously updating my enormous website, a tedious yet enlightening process... revisiting the changes in a life time... The website includes hundreds of pages, created in the early years of web development, with thousands of now deactivated links and antiquated information. It doesn't take long for information on the web to be irrelevant.

In this reflective process, I am witness to my many hand-to-hand bouts with my obesity, my many false starts, great progress and the sad losses of gaining weight step by step in reaction. For older heavy people one's yo-yo dieting for a life time is a bitter closeted recollection.

But I am happy to be playing at dieting again. I need to survive and learning the state-of-art dietary opinions, of the various camps, can be fascinating. Presently I am practicing a low-carb regime. I often feel over-full, because I still eat impulsively, and am undoubtably accustomed to regular refueling with sugar-enhanced carbohydrates. Whether I can ever develop a six sense of awareness, where I might intercede between my compulsive nature and the practical reality of healthy self-maitainance... time will again tell.

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