Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Once Again yet New and Fresh

It was quite obvious, for a very long time, I felt defeated and acquiescent to never being thin again. Yet again I feel ready to reenter the battle field and attempt the challenge.

There is no need to fully articulate all the pain I feel in my body, and in particular my back, which has nudged me brutally into hopelessness. These are the symptoms shared with an embarrassed majority in my native America. The fact that I live in Japan only highlights the cultural, sociological, psychological, and physiological factors that have spawned an epidemic on America's biggest generation.

So crestfallen, at our image bombasted via a hundred casual cell phone photos, I and my fatty peers now must fortify with pragmatic solutions... or die too soon. What other choice if no choice leaves me as I am today, obese and in despair. Both as part of a worldwide army of the misshapen and as an individual bludgeoned by his own self-image, hard core dieting is my only realistic choice.

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