Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Living with a killer diet

To others, the diet you are attempting is about as tedious a subject one can imagine. 
Low-Carb diets are a curious exemplary of tedium to the uninitiated. 
What... you eat primarily meat and green vegetables? No white stuff like sugar, potato, rice, spaghetti, or bread? Is that suppose to be a balanced diet? 
Well ... yes ... it has actually proven effective, there has been weight loss. 
But mostly water weight and of course you have reduced your calories? 
Yes, all diets lose water weight initially, and, with the removal of the highly sugary mass-marketed junk foods, calories are seriously reduced... but there is more to it than that. It has something to do with insulin, and how we burn fat when on a low carbohydrate regime.
But how long can you maintain such a discipline, and what about the inevitable bounce-back, when you take down your guard?
We shall see. But considering the dangerous collection of physical symptoms we obese suffer, and the obvious self-esteeme issues, what real choices do any of us have? The low-carbohydrate diet allows me to feel satiated, and to enjoy my meals, while simultaneously keeping my weight in check. Raw Veganism, calorie counting, and all the variations between, could never leave me feeling satisfied... none ever fit into my lifestyle, nor complimented my sense of self. Paleo is plausible, and is more me, than the mathematics of weighing foods and counting calories. 
The final ingredient in the dietary mix is being physical. 
Exercise is my last frontier and most elusive nemesis.  

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