Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Many Promises but no Guarantees

Thanks to the 'psychology of returns', customers seldom return unsuccessful products, for weight-loss companies offering a guarantee provides promotional advantage with little risk. The world of weight-loss products has an additional built-in advantage. If you lose weight you 'shout to the heavens,' but if you fail you fail alone, secretly, and often in shame.

I remain enthusiastic about my Low-carb experiment. Primarily I like the simplicity of avoiding white, that is, all sugar-added products, and high-carbohydrate staples such as bread, rice, potato, and pasta. Sacrificing the convenience foods of quick-rush satisfaction, many of which I have woven into my daily routine, remains a challenge. I need to be creative and on-guard to remain true to the low-carb formula.

Fiber too is a real issue. Meats are accessible, but green vegetable consumption relies on having time and access to cooking. I may need to habituate raw-food consumption of high fiber vegetables to guarantee regularity and a nutritional balance. This feels the most challenging and reminds me of my false start as a raw-vegan. 

I had been in a sad state of hopelessness and now, at least, I feel there are ways I can be proactive.  I see what I am doing, what the implications are, and what alternatives I can muster. It may be a fool's strategy in the end, there are no guarantees, yet I am enjoying experimenting, and that at least is better than before.

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