Saturday, February 19, 2011

Eat Meat or Not? Which is best for me or you?

Within the website Acu-cell, in their Vegetarianism section, is a helpful comparison titled 
"Nutritional pros and cons of Meat-based and Vegetarian Diets". A recommended read!

Alden Smith's opinion is available at
A simple but fair appraisal, stressing nutrition.

 Pros And Cons Of Vegetarianism
in list form... Clear and helpful for reflection, a quick read.

With very few exceptions, the issue of 'meat verses no-meat' on the web is dominated by Vegetarians, Vegans, and Raw-Vegans. The USA, which is historically a meat loving culture, is comparable to Japan in its cultural assumption of fish and fish bi-products. True vegetarians are a radical minority with few commercial consumables, in most of middle America, and in Japan where I live.

The most advertised source of Low-carb products on the internet,, is a US based company out of Albany New York. They cover a wide diversity of dietary disciplines, along with products that supplement muscle-building nutritionalists. The site provides full disclosure of all ingredients for their many products, so consumers have a fighting chance at knowing what to expect before ordering. This would seem a prerequisite, yet there are many on-line sellers, particularly in the legal-gray area of 'supplementation and nutrition,' which provide superlatives but few actual facts. 
As an international consumer, shipping costs can be somewhat discouraging, as are the sacrifices needed to give products a shelf-life. All schools of nutritional radicalism, from Raw-Veganism to Paleo-Primal, encourage buying local, fresh produce... label-less real food.

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