Sunday, February 20, 2011

Marathon fantasy

Listening to a Low-carb advocate's fight against cancer... he mentions he is doing a marathon this year, something radically out of his life long pattern... and I was reminded of how I too would fantasize full physical expression... to complete a marathon... this would be a beautiful miracle for me.
Years ago I purchased a high quality treadmill, imported from Taiwan because Japanese treadmills could not handle my weight. I have used it off and on, mostly off, for years now, but recently I have been enjoying it very much. I have situated my computer monitor in such a way as to permit me to watch video podcasts while walking and running on the treadmill. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the terrible back pain, I feel soon after walking on the street, could be cured by a combination of low-carb dieting and moderate exercise. The key may be in the treadmill and my continuing on my quest to rid myself of this uncomfortable blanket of fat banding my internal organs.

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