Monday, February 21, 2011

Raw Vegan Blogger "Become a Healthier You"

Evelyn Parham has a gentle southern-style warmth as she advises people toward a plant based diet, stressing the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. She is making a life from her blogging while keeping fit. The trick for all of us is the best way to face our addictions and cultural predispositions. With Evelyn the issue she first focused on was the corruption of black hair by chemical straighteners. Her awareness of the beauty and healthfulness in being natural is reminiscent of the primal/paleo philosophy, be who you are. Evelyn understands how important it is for us to also begin where we are. What the raw vegan community offers us is a refreshingly new way to objectify the distinctions between our culturally assumed values and what is really possible. Healthy living examples, like Evelyn Parham, living in the real world... and nothing is more real than a black mother from Tennessee trying to talk nutrition to her Southern peers in Georgia... are the front line in changing the American diet and defeating obesity before it defeats us all.

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